Rescued 19 APRIL 2018

Sai Tong’s journey to Phuket Elephant Sanctuary started with a message from a visitor who spotted the poor elephant in February 2018, tied to a tree in the blistering heat. 

Upon receiving her request to help, Khun Montree, founder of Phuket Elephant Sanctuary and the team went to visit ‘Phang Duan’. Skinny to the bones, infected wound on her leg, weary and dehydrated from the heat she was shaking her body in a clear sign of mental distress. Her name “Duan” means “maimed” in Thai and appeared to have been given to her following the amputation of her tail. 

From the owner we learned that Duan had worked in the logging in- dustry in Southern Thailand for many years before being moved from Trang to Krabi to walk the streets with previous owners to sell banan- as and having to endure hours of bathing with tourists each day. 

In April 2018 all of this changed for the 55 year old gentle giant as her chains finally came off and she embarked on a last journey from Lanta to Phuket. After 5 hours by ferry and truck she arrived safely. Her new name is Sai Tong, and her new home the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary.