On the 8th December 2016, we welcomed our beautiful elephant, Gaew Ta (Darling) who had been giving rides in Phuket, having spent her former years logging in Southern Thailand.

Gaew Ta is blind in both eyes but this hasn’t stopped her from navigating the land with great confidence over the past year, first with her fabulous mahout Sa before he headed home to Chiang Mai, and then with our local and equally fabulous mahout Mos!

On 14th February 2017, we had the great honor of welcoming Dr Rui Oliveira, world renowned vet ophthalmologist, to check Gaew Ta’s eyes in the hope that we could possibly restore or partially restore her sight. Sadly, this was not possible as the damage is too serious as she has impact injuries on both eyes in line with trauma.

Whilst Gaew Ta is content enjoying her peaceful life in the forest, we are hoping in the not too distant future, that she will form a life long friendship with another elephant, but as with friendships the world over, this can, of course, take time.

To read all about Gaew Ta, place #GaewTaElephant into the Facebook search and all her posts from 2016 to present day will be listed. Her story can also be found on our website

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