Baan Yen, the mid 50’s clever elephant whose name means the ‘Four o’clock’ flower in English. She was moved to us on December 14, 2016. Previously, she acted as an elephant for tourists for more than 20 years. On the first day arriving here, she was warmly welcomed by her new elephant friends Kannika, Madee and Dok Gaew until they became good friends.

With hard work she was exhausted for over 20 years, resulting in severe cold pain in her hip and hind legs. The veterinarian took care of her closely, but the result was not very good. She often weakened and felt frequently. On March 16, 2017 she felt again but it was her last time falling. Her legs are too weak to stand. She left us quietly to the land where she was free of pain and fatigue.

Our sanctuary has a Buddhist cremation for her and now her body is resting quietly in this forest house. All of us here still think about the time when Baan Yen was blooming in our sanctuary. She will also be a beautiful flower that blossoms in our hearts and memories.