Jan Jao… aside from the moon in Thai, Jan Jao is also the name of a lovely 38 year-old elephant in this sanctuary. Jan Jao had a similar life like other elephants in our sanctuary. Through hard hauling work, the owner has sold her as an elephant for tourists. The results of being apprenticed and controlled to work hard, behind her ear and her forehead is wounded and her whole body is traumatic.

Jan Jao has moved here from on August 30, 2017. She slowly adapted herself to the new environment on the tree-filled area, the pond, and the elephants that have been rescued. She learned to trust her new mahout. She enjoyed living freely in the way she wanted to do without ordering from the mahout, enjoyed wandering around our sanctuary, enjoyed playing, splashing water and soaking up the mud.

In our sanctuary, she lives in a new way she had never experienced before. The joy and brightness of her interior shone like the moonlight at night glittering out through her eyes. Hope this forestĀ  will be her home that she will love to live in.