A 32-year-old cheerful, playful, energetic girl, who loves to eat and is friendly to everyone who gives her food. We will always see that Kannika is together with Madee. They both taken to the camp on the same day and moved to our sanctuary simultaneously on September 20, 2016.

Kannika has started living in an area that is surrounded by rich forests and her favorite pools. Previously she was an elephant sent from Surin Province in Northeast Thailand to serve tourists in Phuket hotels and resorts from the age of 10. In 2007, Kannika was sold to Mr. Montri Todtane, who at that time opened the camp. Kannika is the riding elephant for tourists. After Mr. Montri opened the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary. Kannika is one of the first two elephants to live in here.

She only takes a few days to adjust to the new environment in our sanctuary. This has become a warm and safe home for her. As well as being a natural playground, she can play as naughty as she wants. Of course, she seems to be the happiest elephant in the sanctuary. What we usually find is that she shares the joy that often creates a smile and laughter for the visitors, greets the people in a friendly manner in the observation huts, pulls bamboo up, plays water, sprays water and cries out to express her happiness.

We sincerely hope that our area will help to bring happiness for other elephants to make them live in as natural as they want and they should be like Kannika.