Madee, a gentle, peaceful and calm custodian in the age of 60 years, is a symbol of the new beginning of the sanctuary. Because she is one of the first two elephants who moved to live in our sanctuary. Her name means the arrival of good things. In the past, she has spent more than her life working in Narathiwat province in Southern Thailand. Until in 2009, she moved to Phuket as a tourist elephant.

She had a visible scar on her left back leg and other scar 0n her left shoulder. When she arrived in Phuket, the wound is opened and painful for her. The veterinarian had examined the wound but could not tell what caused the wound. Her mahout clean up the wound every day. It was found that under the wound there was a bullet! This would be her old mahout probably shot her shoulder to train her to do the command.

Madee started a new life in a natural forest, in our sanctuary, along with Kannika on September 20, 2016. In her big home, she is living independently, wandering around the green forest every day with her friend. It looks like a great way to make her feel good, to walk down the hill and enjoy swimming in the pool, well, doing those activities forgetting the painful wounds in her legs and shoulder and the hard-working life that she has gone through.