Rescued 25 January 2018
Passed Away 22 September 2018


At 70 years, Richy is our “grandma” at Phuket Elephant Sanctuary. She is originally from the Ranong province bordering Myanmar and spent decades in the logging industry carrying logs as heave as her own body.

She then was sold to a trekking camp in Phuket, carrying toursists on her back until the age of nearly 70. All these years of hard work have left Richy with a twisted ankle at her right front leg and a broken hind leg, as well as scars from the chains that were tightly wrapped around her legs.

Our founder Mr. Montri Todtane met the poor elephant over 10 years ago and since then hoped to save her one day and to provide her with a better life.

This day has finally arrived, and since January 2018 Richy calls Phuket Elephant Sanctuary her new and final home. After 70 years of hard work and abuse, Richy took a few weeks to acclimatize to her new surroundings and friends.

While still walking slowely due to her injuries, Richy has recovered a lot and now enjoys the comfort of her large shelter, daily strolls through the jungle and the occasional swim in our lagoon.