Tong Kwaw… means beautiful orange flower in Thai, after hard work for hauling and an riding elephant for more than 20 years, a 37-year-old elephant Tong Kwaw has started living the natural way she should be in this new home on December 15, 2017. Leaving Tong Kwaw be next to Jan Jao, so that Tong Kwaw was not too lonely for this relocation and hopefully they will become close friends soon.

It took a little time to adapt to the new environment and she seems to enjoy life of freedom from the hard work she had found. She wanders around our sanctuary, makes a sound of happiness, enjoys playing with the palm trees, chews grass on the hill, dips into a pond and sprays herself. And from the observation, we find that she is a curious elephant. She will be quiet and stop eating to listen to other elephants’ sound.

Tong Kwaw found out how happy she is in living in this house. We sincerely hope that the love of caring from the team will make her healthy and has the power to explore the joy and fun she wants around her at this warm forest home.