Rescued 4 May 2023

Meet Chaba, a 46-year-old elephant whose journey has been as remarkable as her spirit. Originally from Surin province, Chaba spent over a decade working in the tourism industry in Pattaya, near Bangkok. However, when the COVID-19 pandemic forced many elephant camps to close, Chaba found herself back in Surin.

As tourism slowly began to recover in November 2022, Chaba returned to Pattaya, resuming her role of carrying tourists in a riding camp. Sadly, the pandemic had taken a toll on her well-being. Starved during the challenging times, she had become quite thin. Recognizing the opportunity to rescue her, we stepped in and brought her to safety in May 2023.

Though physically unharmed, Chaba was initially wary and untrusting. She spent the first two months in the shelter, gradually building trust with her new mahout. With patience and care, our team helped Chaba overcome her hesitations, allowing her to explore and enjoy the sanctuary’s vast 30 acres of natural terrain.

Slowly but surely, Chaba is transforming into a content and thriving elephant. Comfortable in her surroundings, she can be seen foraging for food, treating herself to tree rubs, and indulging in mud baths to her heart’s content.