Rescued 28 May 2020

Dee Lerd is 61 years old and had a hard life. She worked in the logging industry in Southern Thailand until 2017 and has a broken ankle on her left front leg as well as several scars to show for it.  

In 2017 she was rescued by a small sanctuary nearby, however they had to close in May 2020 due to Covid-19 and the resulting lack of tourists. Dee Lerd and another elephant from the same sanctuary, Sri Nual, were both rescued in May that year, and Phuket Elephant Sanctuary is their new and final home.

Our veterinary assistant cleans her wounds every day, and she receives supplementary food to regain her strength. She also spends a couple of hours per day in our Hydrotherapy Pool to relieve the pain and pressure on her leg. 

Dee Lerd’s mental condition is unstable due to the abuse she suffered throughout her life, yet we hope that with the freedom and love she receives here at PES, over time she will regain her spirit and trust in humans.