Rescued 28 May 2020
Passed away 2 April 2023

Dee Lerd endured a challenging life, having worked in the logging industry in Southern Thailand until 2017. Her left front leg bore the burden of a broken ankle, accompanied by several scars as reminders of her past struggles.

In 2017, she found respite at a small sanctuary nearby, only to face closure in May 2020 due to the impacts of Covid-19 on tourism. In May of the same year, Dee Lerd and her companion, Sri Nual, were rescued, finding their new and final home at Phuket Elephant Sanctuary.

Our dedicated veterinary team provided daily care, cleaning her wounds and offering supplementary food to help her regain strength. Dee Lerd spent precious hours each day in our Hydrotherapy Pool, a sanctuary within a sanctuary, relieving pain and pressure on her leg.

Dee Lerd’s mental condition, scarred by the abuse endured throughout her life, remained unstable. Yet, within the nurturing embrace of Phuket Elephant Sanctuary, we held hope that she would, over time, rediscover her spirit and rebuild trust in humans.

Unfortunately, on 2 April 2023, Dee Lerd succumbed to the challenges she faced, leaving behind a legacy of resilience and grace in the compassionate care of Phuket Elephant Sanctuary.