Rescued 4 APRIL 2019

Fah Mui is the Thai name of a very rare, blue-purple coloured Vanda Orchid. A fitting name for Fah Mui as we travelled 900 kilometers to find her in the bustling city of Pattaya in April, 2019.

Fah Mui, previously known as Boon Num is 39 years old and was working in one of Pattaya’s largest riding camps prior to her rescue. Many of Pattaya’s elephants are currently being moved to Phuket to ride and bathe with visiting tourists, and we were fortunate to find an owner who agreed to sell her gentle giant to us instead, allowing Fah Mui to finally retire from the long and exhausting working days and to continue life in peace at our sanctuary.

Fah Mui was born in the Surin Province in Eastern Thailand, where her previous owner still lives today. From a young age, Fah Mui was rented out and frequently transported between Hua Hin and Pattaya to work in the tourism industry. 

When we arrived at the camp in Pattaya, Fah Mui’s saddle had already been taken off. She was waiting at her hut while dozens of other elephants got their saddles put on and were led to the front of the camp where busloads of tourists were waiting for their 10-minute elephant ride. Around 6 PM, Fah Mui embarked on a last journey to her final home.

Following a 21-hour drive to Phuket, Fah Mui arrived the next day and settled in very quickly. Within days she was enjoying her newfound freedom, scratching her body against trees and covering herself in thick mud. She also started socializing with Gaew Ta, our lovely blind elephant, and we hope that a long-lasting friendship between these two gentle giants will blossom.