8 September 2022

Jao Thong is a 68-year-old tuskless bull, and our second male elephant rescue since Ampan’s arrival in May 2022.

Originally from Nakhon Si Thammarat in Southern Thailand, Jao Thong started working in the logging industry when he was a young bull. He was frequently moved around the Southern provinces of Thailand to work in various logging camps. In one of these camps, his path crossed with Benz, one of our wonderful mahouts, as they worked together for some time.

Mahout Benz has been with PES since we opened in 2016 and has since then learned to live in harmony with the majestic Asian elephants. When he heard that Jao Thong’s owner was ready to sell his elephant, he was eager to help provide him with a final, peaceful home here at PES, and asked our founder Mr. Montri to help. The decision was made quickly.

On 8 September we picked Jao Thong up in Nakhon Si Thammarat, and after a medical check-up at the Krabi Elephant Hospital, we continued the 6-hour journey to his final home. Just like every elephant that arrives at PES, he spent the first few days in his shelter, under close supervision of our veterinary assistant Toomtam. Over the following days, he started bonding with one of our mahouts who brought him lots of delicious fruits each day, and soon the 2 got along perfectly.

Jao Thong is now able to enjoy forest life to his heart’s content, thanks to the many tourists who support our work through their visit.