Rescued 30 August 2016
Passed Away 26 March 2022

A true gentle giant, Madee, at the age of 72, spent nearly 7 joyful years at Phuket Elephant Sanctuary, alongside her close companion Kannika. She was the first elephant to call our sanctuary home, and her name, “The Arrival of Good Things,” reflected the positivity she brought to all who knew her.

Originally from the Narathiwat province in Southern Thailand, Madee worked tirelessly until 2009 when she was moved to Phuket to become a tourist elephant. Upon her arrival, caregivers discovered open wounds on her left back leg and shoulder. A careful examination revealed a heartbreaking truth – Madee had been shot with a bullet, likely as a cruel means to enforce obedience by her previous mahout.

Fortunately, Madee’s days of hardship ended when she embraced a new life at Phuket Elephant Sanctuary on August 30, 2016. In her expansive home, Madee enjoyed a quiet and relaxed existence. She found solace in our hydrotherapy pool, relieving her tired body, and remained inseparable from her best friend Kannika.

Though we mourn the loss of this beloved gentle giant, we find solace in knowing that Madee spent her final years surrounded by care, compassion, and the natural beauty of our sanctuary. Her memory lives on, and we remain grateful for the joy and tranquility she brought to Phuket Elephant Sanctuary.