Rescued 28 May 2020

Sri Nual is 44 years old and grew up working in the tourism industry here in Phuket. In 2017 she was initially rescued by a smaller sanctuary on the island, but during Covid-19 the sanctuary decided to close and we had an opportunity to adopt Sri Nual. She arrived together with Dee Lerd, who previously lived at the same park.

Sri Nual is very friendly and adjusted very well to our sanctuary. She used to live with us for a few months before she moved to the other sanctuary, hence she is familiar with our place and some of the elephants here, such as Gaew Ta, Kannika and Madee.

Sri Nual suffers from cataract on her right eye as well as a skin infection. Her mahout and our veterinary assistant treat her skin in the river on a daily basis, using a saponin-rich woody vine that we source from the Phang Nga province.

The most distinctive characteristic of Sri Nual is the adorable, squeaky sound she makes every time our visitors feed her watermelons and bananas – her favourite treats.