Why we do not offer bathing or mud bathing with our elephants

Elephants love to swim, cool off and splash in the water, and to cover themselves with thick mud. They like to do so alone or with fellow elephants. However, if people crowd around or interact with them during this bathing ritual, it becomes stressful for the elephants, preventing them from enjoying their time in the water and displaying their natural behavior.

To give the elephants the privacy they need and to enjoy their day as much as you, we built an Observation Sala overlooking our fresh water pond, from where you can witness the elephants enjoying their bathing time alone or with other elephants. This is a great photo opportunity and educational experience as you can observe the elephants behave naturally.

We do offer a brief interaction between visitors and our elephants during a feeding moment at the beginning of the tour. This is a rare opportunity to get up close with the elephants and to capture some incredible photographs as they enjoy a few watermelons, pineapples, bananas or cucumbers.

Many of our visitors have commented on TripAdvisor and Facebook, and we recommend you to browse through these reviews of the wonderful moments they experienced while observing elephants in their natural habitat.

Feel free to explore these videos and see for yourself how the elephants happily enjoy undisturbed bathing.