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Our project relies on the income from visiting tourists. We use this income to buy nutritious food, to offer medical treatments, to maintain 30 acres of land and to support over 50 staff who work tirelessly for the wellbeing of our 12 rescued elephants.

While we have started to welcome small numbers of international tourists as part of the “Phuket Sandbox” initiative, we are still in need of further support. There are several initiatives you can explore to join from afar, and we would be incredibly appreciative of your help during these last few months of the Covid-19 pandemic.


In addition to the 300 kilos of plants each of the 12 elephants here at Phuket Elephant Sanctuary forages for on a daily basis, we also prepare soft rice balls to supplement their diet. While younger elephants love the energy-rich and delicious snack, it’s especially older elephants like Madee & Gaew Ta with worn off teeth that rely on this supplementary food in order to receive the nutrients they need to stay healthy & happy. The cost of these “Happy Meal” rice balls is just 30 USD per day -   yet during these challenging times that adds up quickly.

Should you be able to support us, you can click below to buy one or more “Happy Meals” at USD 30 each, which will provide the entire herd with one day’s worth of delicious and nutritious rice balls. As a token of our appreciation, we will send you a video of your Happy Meal being prepared & fed.

Click here to buy a Happy Meal.


We are working hard towards becoming self-sufficient in terms of food sources for our elephants. From May until October 2020 we planted over 1,200 banana trees at our sanctuary, followed by over 2 acres of fishtail palms, sugarcane and Napier Grass. We continue to plant new food sources, and any amount you can support us with would be hugely appreciated.

To join this initiative, please click here and add a remark “Planting Food Sources”. Thank you!


Our team has put their artistic skills to good use and created a selection of handmade bracelets to support the elephants. The “Kannika & Madee” bracelets (left) celebrate the 5-year anniversary of Kannika & Madee, with all proceeds going to the care of the herd here at PES. Our sugarcane inspired bracelets (center) are handwoven, with each bracelet planting 10 sugarcane cuttings at our sanctuary. The fishtail palm inspired bracelets (right) are made from stone beads, silver, Rhodium and organic cotton strings, and each purchase plants one fishtail palm at our sanctuary.

For inquries or to purchase one or more bracelets, please email us at


We are bringing the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary Experience to you with 2 short films, produced by our very own team. “Kannika & Madee” is an uplifting story about the first 2 elephants we welcomed to our sanctuary and gives you a glimpse into their daily lives. “Into The Wild” is a documentary film about Vanda, who was rescued in December 2019, and features tour guide Tik and mahout Benz who both share their knowledge and insights about Vanda and the Asian elephant species. All proceeds help us to feed our 12 elephants, and you can purchase the videos using the links below.

To purchase, click below:

"Kannika & Madee" Short Film

"Into The Wild" Short Film

Your support would be very much appreciated. Thank you.