Terms & Conditions

Privacy Policy:

The use of any details you provide are for contact or booking purposes only.

We will never sell, rent or share your personal information, including your email addresses and phone numbers with a third party without your prior permission, unless required by law.

Your Declaration:

All bookings to our project are accepted only on the basis of the following terms and conditions. You, all the members of your party and the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary are bound by these terms and conditions.

You MUST agree to the following declaration shown during the booking process, so we can process your booking. "I confirm that the above details are correct and I agree to your Terms and Conditions"

All deposits are made in order to secure places on our booking system and are non-refundable.

General Conditions:

Phuket Elephant Sanctuary makes no guarantees that volunteer positions, half day or full day visits will proceed as described within our website (or in any other description of events, timetable, or schedule) depending on local conditions, emergencies, and animal behavior on any given day.

We reserve the right to cancel or re-book your reservation in the event of any natural, political, or other unforeseen act over which we have no control. We reserve the right, at any time, to request a full payment prior to your visit.

Phuket Elephant Sanctuary safety rules are demonstrated to all visitors during a video presentation or advised to visitors by their guides and also contained in a document for visitors to read. We reserve the right to refuse service and to terminate any visitor bookings with us, prior to arrival or during your time with us, without refund, should any of these conditions be ignored and/or disregarded, intentionally or not.

Visitors and Volunteers are responsible for any loss and/or damage to their property, and damages cannot be claimed in any eventuality. All media recordings, including but not limited to photographs, audio and video taken at the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary remain the commercial property of Phuket Elephant Sanctuary, and any distribution or resale of such recordings require the written consent from Phuket Elephant Sanctuary.

All visitors to Phuket Elephant Sanctuary accept that they are solely responsible for their own health, safety and belongings and that they fully understand and accept the conditions outlined above.

Pricing for Adults, Children and Infants:

Adult rates appear on each visit page and apply to anyone 12 years old or over

Child rates, generally 50% of adult rates apply to children under 12 years old (4 - 12 years)

Infants under 4 years old occupying a seat will be free

Deposit Payments by PayPal:

  • Year-Round : 30% Deposit Required
  • Year-Round for Groups of 10 Guests and More : 50% Deposit Required

Balance Payments :

All remaining balances must be paid in cash (Thai Baht or USD$) or by VISA and MASTER CARD upon arrival. For VISA and MASTER CARD payments a 3% processing fee applies.

Program Rebooking and Permitted Changes to your Booking

Changes of date for confirmed bookings carry the following additional charges:

  • If you change your booking for half day visits, a changing fee of 900 Baht/Adult and 450 Baht/Child per booking will be charged.
  • If you change your booking for full day visits, a changing fee of 1,950 Baht/Adult and 975 Baht/Child per booking will be charged.
  • If you change your booking for a half day visit with private tour guide, a changing fee of 1,650 Baht/Adult and 825 Baht/Child per booking will be charged.

If you would like to change the program type or date, please contact info@phuketpes.org to inquire about availability and additional charges.

Cancellation, No-Show Fees, Refunds & Deposits:

All bookings when cancelled are irreversible, deposits are not transferable and are non-refundable.

All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable to another person or program. Arriving late or leaving early does not entitle you to any rebate or refund for unused time.

Transportation Conditions:

Transportation for pick up and drop off service provided by Phuket Elephant Sanctuary must be arranged at least 24 hours before program start

Less than 24 hours system will allow to book only the program session and the visitor is required to manage their own transportation.

Pick-up and drop-off location for shared roundtrip transfer option must be the same.

Shared roundtrip transfer option is available within Phuket Province only. Please email info@phuketpes.org to book a private car or van for locations outside of Phuket.

Volunteer Program

Pricing: Adults

Adult rates appear on each volunteer program and apply to anyone between 18 - 80 who is fit, healthy and willing to work hard for the elephants.

Deposit Payments by PayPal

Year-Round for all Programs : 50% Deposit Required

  • One Week Volunteer Program - 9,000 Baht for deposit
  • Three Day Volunteer Program - 4,500 Baht for deposit
  • Full Day Volunteer Program - 2,250 Baht for deposit

Balance payments

All remaining balances must be paid in cash (Thai Baht or USD$) or using VISA and MASTER CARD (3% surcharge)

Program Rebooking and Permitted Changes to your Booking

Changing the date of your visit is possible without additional charge if one day notice is given. The new date must be within one year from the original booking and for the same program type only.

If you would like to change the program type or date, please contact info@phuketpes.org to inquire about availability and additional charges.


We provide simple, clean, air-conditioned accommodation for volunteers which include a priavte bedroom with private bathroom as well as a fridge and complimentray WiFi. The accomodation is located 5 minutes from the sanctuary, and daily transport to and from Phuket Elephant Sanctuary is provided. For more information on accommodation, please contat info@phuketpes.org.


The use of Drones at Phuket Elephant Sanctuary is strictly prohibited as it scares our elephants.


These rules are for the safety of our elephants and our guests

Interaction when feeding:

  • Wash your hands if you have used sun lotion or bug spray
  • Do not put your hand in the elephants’ mouth
  • Do not hug the elephants’ trunk
  • Do not make loud noises around the elephants
  • Do not tease the elephants
  • Do not use flash photography
  • Do not turn your back on the elephants

Walking / Observation:

  • Keep a minimum distance of SIX METERS so the elephants are free to exhibit natural behaviors
  • Never get in between two elephants
  • Do not feed the elephants when walking around the sanctuary
  • Please remain quiet while observing the elephants
  • Please dress suitably for walking in the jungle
  • Only smoke in our designated smoking area