Dok Gaew

Dok Gaew… a kind and friendly elegant female elephant with bright eyes shine. Her lovely name means “Orange Jasmine” flower. Dok Gaew is a ‘Grandmother’ of the elephant family in our sanctuary. At late 60’s years old, she lives happily and peacefully among nature in our beautiful sanctuary and relaxed from the hard work of being an elephant for logging industry from a young until the age of 50 when her body began to droop from hard work and will not be able to haul the logs anymore, she was sold to a camp in Phuket to become an elephant for tourists to ride to visit the attractions. Until Dok Gaew is aged, sick and injured of being worked hard until she could not work and walk anymore.

We found her on the camp with an injury, tired body. The legs were so pale and weak that they were hardly stand and difficult to move due to untreated wounds. The team from the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary has taken care of her closely. With the effort and hope to see Dok Gaew got strong again.

And then our team’s hopes and efforts are fulfilled and real. Dok Gaew was quickly improved. We were able to move her on December 10, 2016. We took her to our sanctuary. She recovered quickly in just 2 months! She was better, stronger and more cheerful. She could stand and walk better although It was only a slow small pace, but it a stronger and stronger step than ever.

Today, Dok Gaew has liberated herself with the nature she loves. She is happy to eat her favorite watermelon. She wakes up early morning and wanders around the sanctuary with a group of friends like Kannika and Madee. She lives in the way she wants, and in the way she should be happily.