Rescued on 29 June 2023
Passed away 18 October 2023

Daw-Reung, a beautiful female elephant in her sixties, had a remarkable journey, and her time at Phuket Elephant Sanctuary was unfortunately brief.

Born in the Tak province, Daw-Reung spent decades in the logging industry in Tak and Pattani. When logging natural forests became illegal in 1989, she transitioned to the tourism industry in Phang Nga. With the Covid pandemic disrupting tourism, she returned to Pattani to resume logging work.

We intervened to rescue Daw-Reung, affectionately known as “Marigold” in English, from this tiring labor. En route to Phuket Elephant Sanctuary, we made a crucial stop at the Krabi Elephant Hospital. There, her large breast wound was investigated, revealing a tumor. Daw-Reung then spent a few weeks at the sanctuary, where the tumor was later successfully removed, and her wound began to heal.

During her time at the sanctuary, further health issues emerged. We discovered an abscess on her feet containing pieces of bone, in addition to severe digestion problems and a low platelet count. Despite our efforts and the skilled care provided, Daw-Reung’s health continued to decline. We sent her to the Krabi Elephant Hospital for an x-ray of her feet, where, sadly, she she eventually stopped eating and passed away after a month.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated visitors whose support makes rescues like Daw-Reung’s possible. Though her physical journey at the sanctuary was brief, it provided her a glimpse of compassion, care, and the promise of a life free from the burdens of her past.