Beginning new life under the big roof of real place for the elephants, Phuket Elephant Sanctuary is now new home for elephant ‘Richy’.

Story of the 70’s elder elephant is not different the other elephants around Thailand. Richy (Ex Name : Sao Noi) lived in the logging camp for the decades at bordering of Thai-Burmese in Ranong Province for a long time and then turning to be at tourist trekking elephant. Nowadays she is still transporting people on her back by her aged 70’s.

More than 10 years ago, Mr. Montri who is founder of Phuket Elephant Sanctuary had ever met a pitiful elephant. She was well-proportioned with marked twisted ankle at front right leg and broken the behind left leg with her logging works. It’s writhen marked which make her slow and hurtful.

As he knew she worked for many years in tourism industry in Patong where well known place for the foreigners in Phuket. He has thought in his mind hoping she could get a better life but it was just hopefully.

Good new comes to us. Richy’s owner discharge and selling her that Mr. Montri makes his hope to real by rescuing her. It’s time to retire her from the hard working, saddle off and step up to get a new freedom life.

Mr. Montri and his staffs of Phuket Elephant Sanctuary are highly enthusiasm when we get a great chance to prepare a big hugs our new comer Richy on 25th January 2018.

The freedom moment starts in the evening when she touches the truck’s machine with a bit nerve at first. Many people help her to dare to get in the truck with preparing the timber covered with thick quilts for protection when she is transporting.

New her journey takes an hour for arriving to jungle home when the sky is sundown. Everything is new and different, she needs to acclimate to new land, new friends, especially her grand shelter where calm sleep place with a sand pile tonight.

Have a First Nice Sleep, Richy!


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